Content Management

Content management is all about finding creative ways of delivering your content.  Whether it’s an online facilitated course, a live video conference, a small web conference, or any other scenario that makes sense for your project, PERC provides access to a premium content management services. PERC provides the expertise you need to find the right tools for content storage, delivery, and management.

Web Conferencing

Impact your audience visually with our fully-integrated web conferencing service.

How can you use web conferencing services?

  • Formal presentation to an audience of hundreds
  • Brain-storming with a tight-knit group of colleagues
  • Meeting presentations and demonstrations

Several web conferencing tools are available through PERC. We will help you determine the web conferencing solution that will best meet your needs.

Video Conferencing

Create face-to-face meetings with multiple locations while receiving the highest level of customer support. A video conference is a meeting that utilizes dedicated video equipment and monitors to show live full motion video of each location.

Why use video conferencing?

  • Enjoy personalized face-to-face meetings without the need to travel.
  • Optimize time and money resources.
  • Expedite decision making.


Want to deliver audio and/or video content online delivered live, on demand, or both? PERC provides web casting services that integrate streaming audio, video and and content such as PowerPoint® slides.

Let PERC Design Your Solution

Not sure which method will work best for your project? No problem. PERC can help you determine the best way to deliver your content based on the specific outcomes you desire.

Contact us for more information about delivering your content online!