David Rosenthal, Ph.D

Photo of David Rosenthal, Ph.D

David Rosenthal is the current Department Chairperson of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Special Education and Rehabilitation Department.  He is also the principal investigator for PERC-UW Madison Research Team. 

His primary areas of research and scholarly interest include rehabilitation counselor clinical judgment and susceptibility to racial bias, disability management within business and industry, psychiatric rehabilitation, the development of outcome measures for rehabilitation facilities, cross cultural issues, and international rehabilitation.


Contact Information:

1000 Bascom Mall, Rm. 431A

Phone: 608.263.5860

Email:  drosenthal @education.wisc.edu

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Report: Needs Assessment Results
The University of Wisconsin-Madison PERC Research Team conducted a comprehensive assessment of service needs during the time period September 2009–February 2010.
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Research Brief: Needs Assessment Report Summary
This Research Brief outlines some of the major themes presented in the comprehensive Wisconsin Employment and Disability Training Needs Assessment Report and identifies next steps in using the report results to implement PERC training and technical assistance initiatives.
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