The Behavioral Activation Training Toolkit

The Behavioral Activation Training Toolkit (BA-TT) is a web-based, modular, and interactive training program designed to teach employment counselors techniques to help them help their consumers overcome depression-related obstacles to seeking, obtaining, and maintaining employment. The BA-TT includes concrete techniques drawn from Behavioral Activation—a brief, structured and effective depression intervention—tailored to meet the needs of employment counselors.

The BA-TT is designed to streamline the most essential information, provide hands-on demonstrations of techniques, and includes opportunities to practice materials. Ready-to-use resources (e.g., forms) are provided along with video examples to illustrate important themes and techniques. The BA-TT includes 4 modules designed to provide the necessary skills to provide a concrete rationale for the techniques, assessment of depression-related obstacles, tips for assigning employment-related assignments, and additional techniques for common obstacles to completing homework assignments.

To access this training, go to the website below.

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