Employer Guide for Successfully Hiring and Supporting Certified Peer Specialists

National research has shown that hiring and promoting/supporting Peer Specialist Services in your business or organization reduces hospitalization and emergency room crisis visits in consumers by over 40%. Individuals who work with Certified Peer Specialists stay in recovery longer. Their goal is to promote wellness, independent living, self-direction, recovery focus, enhancing the skill and ability of consumers to meet their chosen goals.

The Role of the Certified Peer Specialist is varied and can take on several forms of support and assistance. Although roles may vary in service agencies, it is generally recognized that Certified Peer Specialists provide the following services:

  •  Use personal recovery experience as a tool
  •  Provide information about mental health resources
  •  Assist in identifying and supporting consumers in crisis
  •  Facilitate self-direction and goal setting
  •  Communicate effectively with other treatment providers

This guide provides employers with information on how Certified Peer Specialists could benefit and be integrated within your business or organization.


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