Job Development FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some frequently asked questions about job development.  Do you have an additional question?  Send it them to us and we will get back to you!

What is Job Development?
Job development is an organized approach to matching the business needs of employers with the skills and abilities of job seekers with disabilities.

Job development services for people with disabilities can best be described as identifying, recruiting, and maintaining relationships with businesses and other organizations that will result in viable integrated employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Why is Job Development Needed?
People with disabilities are more likely to be unemployed than people without disabilities.

Job seekers with disabilities often have challenges finding employment due to:

  • Undefined job or career goal;
  • Limited work history or job search experience;
  • Absence of or limited personal or professional networks;
  • Disability-related needs; such as,  accommodations, support needs, resume development and interviewing limitations.
  • Employers are interested in hiring people who meet their company’s needs and frequently are inexperienced in recruiting and hiring people with disabilities into their workforce.

How does Job Development work?
The job developer works with the job seeker and together they creatively identify career areas, work tasks, and industries that best match the job seekers interests, skills, and qualifications.  From this information an employment plan is developed which will guide the job development activities.

A job development plan is created based on information gathered during the employment planning process.  It provides action steps to begin working with the business community to identify opportunities based on job seeker’s interests and passions – moving beyond stereotypical jobs.

Through a systematic review of the job developer’s network, the job developer identifies employers who may have job opportunities and work needs that match the abilities of the job seeker.

At this point, both the employment and job development plan are put into action.  Job developers begin to make connections between job seekers and potential employers.  Here is where the Job Developer’s business relations really get put to good use!

A Job Developer may provide varying levels of support to the job seeker and may employ a number of strategies to match a candidate to an employer.

Where can I access services?
Every state has a federally funded agency that administers vocational rehabilitation (VR), supported employment, and independent living services.  Services vary from state to state but contacting your state VR program would be a good place to seek information about job development services in your state.

Find out more by visiting the following website and clicking on your state:

Job Seeker: Tips for Success!

Be proactive!  Like other job seekers, if you are a person with a disability who is searching for employment, you must:

  • think about the type of job you wish to pursue;
  • consider the type of work environment you work best in;
  • identify people in your life who could be helpful with your job search;
  • and consider issues such as the decision to disclose a disability to a potential employer.

A Job Developer can help you!

Find your state vocational rehabilitation program:

Other Employment Resources:
Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP)

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