Employment Stories: Meet Jim and Lee Roy

Meet Lee Roy and Jim...two very different people who share their experiences about finding employment and having a disability.

Lee Roy is currently employed at the Pick 'n Save grocery store in Wauwatosa. He enjoys playing videogames (Playstation2, WWE Smackdown), watching TV (Meet Mr. Brown and House of Payne), and spending time with his family, friends and his girlfriend. He also volunteers at his church by leading the Youth Group. Find out how he became employed at a job he loves.

Jim works part-time at a building, remodeling and real estate business. He suffered multiple injuries from a serious snowmobile accident in February 2005. At that time he had been on the pro racing circuit for about 2 years. Prior to the accident, he owned a building and remodeling business in the valley area. Find out how Jim accomplished his goals of finding employment in building and remodeling.


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