Vocational Futures Planning and Support: Myths and Misconceptions

Vocational Futures Planning and Support or VFPS offers a framework for planning employment developed for people with significant physical disabilities.  To help overcome substantial challenges, VFPS offers individualized strategies and support. It is comprehensive, team-based and consumer-directed.

Through the VFPS process, individuals learn how to navigate a complicated service system and to access community resources.  VFP is flexible and can be molded to meet the needs and desires of a particular job seeker. 

Following are some of the myths and misconceptions around the VFPS process and working with a disability:

“No employer will hire me because of my disability.”
Employers want hire qualified individuals. VFPS helps people identify and develop the necessary qualifications.

“My disability prevents me from working.”
Through the VFPS process, barriers are identified and addressed. Job accommodations, assistive technology, and other supports are also available.  VFPS will help plan for the supports needed.

“I will lose my benefits if I work.”
A thorough benefits analysis and ongoing benefits support are key features of the VFPS process. The benefits planning and support helps a person become aware of the effect of work on benefits, make informed decisions about working, avoid overpayments, manage changes in benefits, maintain health coverage, and use appropriate work incentives.

“The VFPS process is right for anyone.”
Although VFPS may work for a wide variety of people, it was designed for and proven successful for individuals with physical disabilities. The individual must be interested in actively participating in the process and working with a team to address barriers.

“It takes too long or is a slow process.”
VFPS is a thorough, comprehensive process that takes no longer than an average Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) plan. When done correctly, VFPS promotes continual progress toward a career goal.

“VFPS costs too much.”
The cost is comparable to other intensive employment service models such as Customized Employment and Individual Placement and Support (IPS). VFPS provides a good return on investment.

“VFPS does not provide job development or help people find jobs.”
During the job search process, individuals will work with employment specialists to identify and accomplish career goals.

“Only VR can pay for employment services.”
Other funding options are available such as long-term care services or by using work incentives (e.g.: PASS, Ticket to Work). Talk with your local VFPS provider about how you can access funding for services.

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