SDS (Self-Directed Supports) Network

Self-Directed Supports (SDS) is the term used to describe a model to promote self-determination by enabling the person to have direct control over whom, how, and when their long-term care supports and services are provided.

If you have an interest in finding out more about self-directed supports or would like to share your knowledge and experiences with others, join our online community. 

Members of an online learning community gather to develop a shared repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, and ways of addressing recurring problems. Online learning communities provide a closer connection between learning and doing by providing a structure for continued learning development, expert support, peer connections, and knowledge sharing.

People are working across Wisconsin to understand, implement and create rewarding lives for elders and people with disabilities using SDS through programs such as CIP, Family Care, and IRIS. The SDS Network is designed to connect people by:

  • Offering opportunities to share and learn from everyone’s expertise and experience with SDS
  • Supporting the implementation of SDS with one another as individuals, families, friends, advocates and service providers
  • Informing and assisting others who will receive support and provide support through SDS.

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